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In the modern business environment none of us can afford to be complacent. Creativity provides us with many techniques for helping people to see things in a new way and for helping to break mindsets. Most companies, especially those involved in the field of innovation are aware of the importance of attracting and stimulating creativity within their organizations. But corporate culture is rarely suited to this task. Managers who spend most of their working lives trying to prevent mistakes and avoiding uncontrollable risks have difficulty dealing with any process that has these core principles. Consequently creativity is often stifled and creative employees become demotivated.

Understanding is vital to effective management but there are few places where managers and producers can integrate with creative people and appreciate the processes and motivations involved in creating ideas and innovative work.

To attract creative people and gain the best value from their talents it is essential to provide outlets for a whole range of creative ideas, many of which may initially seem totally unrelated to the requirements of employers.

SkillsOfCourse acts as an invaluable resource to refresh and stimulate the energies of creative people drained by the demands of corporate life. SkillsOfCourse will also be an environment where managers and producers can experience the processes of ‘unmanaged’ creativity first hand.

In the new creative economy there is an essential role for places where people can form and share ideas with a wide range of creative thinkers from many different cultures and areas of activity.

The Benefits Of Creativity
Many large industries today are acutely aware of their need to attract, nurture, stimulate and keep creative people within their reach, yet have very little understanding of how to go about doing this. Creativity is a subject that most managers would prefer to avoid, associating it with intangible values and unmanageable people. Creativity is inherently intangible and unpredictable, but it’s not unmanageable.

Securing Competitive Advantage
Creativity is a series of intangible assets which are difficult for competitors to copy, and because the assets in question are our employee’s ability to generate ideas and combine them there are also a huge number of possibilities. Idea generation, combination and transfer of tacit knowledge can occur throughout your business from lorry driver and cleaner to the boardroom. At SkillsOfCourse we facilitate, collect and manage this process.

From the use of simple slideshows and PowerPoint presentations to indepth and complex multimedia presentations SkillsOfCourse will facilitate the stimulating of ideas in an environment where no one is prevented from making a mistake. Because making mistakes is the only way to explore boundaries and find new ideas – if you’re not making mistakes, you’re not doing it properly.

This idea might be anathema to most businesses but it is exactly the means towards stimulating our innate creative energy. Esin will provide a forum for this to take place, unencumbered by commercial constraints and pre-determined limits.

Top Ten Most Important Improvements & Benefits
Creativity and the ability to harness it and maixmize its value in your workplace provides numerous benefits and values.

The Top Ten
1. Creativity makes the process of change easier and more focused
2. Creativity allows for the development of more efficient and streamlined operations
3. Uses existing resources to better advantage even while cutting costs
4. Leads to more consistent innovation which systematizes and sustains profitability
5. You attract more qualified staff who eagerly share your progressive corporate values
6. You become recognized as a market leader by customers, other industries, competitors and the media
7. Many companies need to interface with creative individuals to gain innovative ideas for their businesses
8. Corporations need to attract and enable creative people
9. Creativity in a business context is relative to the current and previous states of the business
10. Creativity is a powerful tool that can improve the performance of an organization in an astonishing way



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