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SkillsOfCourse is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Impossible Media Group.

Impossible Media is an award-winning, leading Scandinavian communication, design, and strategic marketing agency. Founded in 2000 by former European Web Designer of the Year, Scott Harvey, Based in Oslo, Norway, and working with clients on many levels dependent upon their requirements, needs and situation. Impossible Media deliver high impact media across all marketing and publication platforms.

The development of SkillsOfCourse came during 2003 when Scott and his team of creative professionals understood that a majority of clients and client inhouse creative departments often operated at lower and less efficient levels due to limited knowledge, skills or understanding of the creative tools and applications they were using. Often a lack of knowledge in application functionality, or in using the wrong applications to attempt to achieve various tasks made it clear that in an overwhleming majority of cases, clients wishing to maintain, update or produce their own media materials did so ineffectively and often at less than optimal creative levels.

The essence of SkillsOfCourse is to provide unique customized tranining for clients, and creative media professionals seeking to improve not only their own application use and understanding, thereby improving creative efficiency. But more importantly to show methods and ways in which to increase overall creativity which when applied to improved application awareness, knowledge and use promote higher media production values, improved creativity, and greater return on investment.

From photo imaging and creation, through application tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. To animation and video through Adobe Flash and Premiere. Print and print based media through Adobe Indesign and Acrobat. To presentation and interactive media through PowerPoint and Powerpoint templates to web design and management. SkillsOfCourse is able to assess your organizations skills, knowledge levels, abilities and provide report of strengths, weaknesse and discrepencies in relation to ambitions and present realities. SkillsOfCourse is then able to provide you with a custom and optimized training program that is based upon your unique situation, ambition and goals.

Impossible Media works with many of the world's largest organizations including Microsoft, Visa and Boeing. In addition to proividing the highest levels of media consultancy, production and design services. Impossible Media has created many supporting services and applications which enable todays' modern organizations to maximize their return on investment (ROI) from their use of media and presentations.



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